LaGrange High School Class of 1955

Class News

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Annette and Charles Webb on their 46th wedding anniversary.

Their youngest grandchild Emily LeaAnn Moss.


Annette and Charles Webb                                                                            Emily LeaAnn Moss

Hillis Smith and Charles Webb

David Wendler and his wife

The picture was made senior privilege day 1955, the people are: left to right----Ray Rogers, Charles Webb, Ann Wise, Alfred Anderson and Ayers Ward.

Harlin "Hump" Woodham and his wife Jean

Kenneth "Trigger" Slaughter and his wife Jeri

Charles and Ellen Finley --Easter Sunday 2003--Columbia, SC


Charles and Annette Webb celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on July 23. The Webbs were married on July 24, 1955. The Rev. D.J. Blackburn Jr. performed the ceremony at Whitesville Street Methodist Church. Mr. and Mrs. Webb were honored with a reception given by their daughter and nieces at Harmony Methodist Church on Roanoke Road.

Deer in Annette's backyard in the 2002 Snow in LaGrange