LHS Classes of 1955 and 1956

61st and 60th Joint Reunion

June 18, 2016

LHS Class of 1955

Names   Read from Left to Right (Ladies by Maiden Name)

Front Row

Sylvia Yarbrough,   Nancy Turner,  Miriam Bledsoe,  Linda Wadsworth,  Ellen Jerkins,  Carlene Benefield,  Helen Freeman,  Nora Ann Simpson,  June Brooks

Back Row

Lee Walburn,  Bobby McClain,  Ken Slaughter, Watson Horne, Jim Fowler, Jake Behr, Leon Green,  Bill Newman,  George Henry,  Jerry McClendon, Bruce Crawford, Wallace Keeble, Carter Freeman


LHS Class of 1956

Names  Read from Left to Right (Ladies by Maiden Name)

Front Row

Ray Sheppard,  Leland Horton,  Gene Cooper,  Phil Cooper,  Carolyn Meyer,  Barbara Collier, Anne Childs, Joyce Harris,  Kathleen Harper,  Harvey Halman

Back Row

Byron Foster,  Leown Livingston, Bobby Birdsong, Hollis Johnson, Charles Lewis, Delene Cook,  Max McCord,  Eddie Linch, Louis Lester,  Angelia Johnson,  Glenn Morrow, Jim Hubbard,  Austin Simmons,  Dusty Mills, Arthur Dee Moore