LHS Classes of 1955 & 1956 Joint Reunion

Highland Country Club

June 18, 2016

Page 2


         Ellen Jerkins Finley               Mary Moore,        Arthur Dee Moore                                                           Nancy and Carter Freeman,  Bruce and Jo Crawford,    Leown and Bill Newman


                                      Carlene and Dusty Mills                                                                                                    Peggy Birdsong,  Pat Horton,       Leland Horton     Pledge of Allegiance


  Jackie, Lee Walburn, June Brooks & David Ewing,  Max & Marion McCord  Sylvia Yarbrough McClendon,     Gene Cooper, Tony Allen, Gail &Ray Sheppard,  Byron & Grace Foster,  Anne Childs Allen
                                                  Bobby & Sue McClain


                                           Bobby Birdsong                                                                                                      Harvey & Nancy Halman,     Phil Cooper


                                      Carter Freeman  (center)          Nancy Freeman                                                                         Marion & Max McCord        Sylvia Yarbrough McClendon,   Bobby McClain


    Helen Freeman Henry,   Lee Walburn,   Carlene Mills,       Dusty                                                                             Jim Austin Simmons                          Rose Ann Wingo


    George Henry talking to Nancy Freeman               Bruce Crawford                                                                          Lynette Hafley,     Grace Foster,       Leland Horton


       Glenn Morrow,   Charles Lewis,  Arthur Dee Moore,   Joel White                                                                                              Betty Lester