LHS Class of 1956
70th Birthday Party

July 26, 2008
Taste of Lemon
LaGrange, GA

Note: I want to thank my classmates for providing me
these pictures as my camera memory card crashed
and I lost some most valuable pictures.
This first set is from Anne and George Allen.

Classmates Group Picture
Using girls maiden names to save space
Front Row L-R   Dusty Mills, Dorothy Penton,  Joyce Yates,  Jan Bowen,  Phil Cooper,  Mike Frosolono,  Johnny Fincher
Joyce Harris,  Anne Childs,  Gwen Reeves,  Jolly Laster,  Carolyn Meyer,  Annette Janney
Back Rows :  L-R  Wayne Bartley,  Delene Cook,  Patricia Hollis,  Arthur Dee Moore,  Eddie Linch,
Leland Horton,   Mary Ellen Grant (Murphy Adcock hidden)  Marjorie Welborn,  Bobby Birdsong, Gary Todd,
Louis Lester,  Hollis Johnson,  John Hampton,  Gene Cooper,  Byron Foster,  Freida Ayers,  T.J. Stewart
Not in Picture Ann Allison Bowen         Harvey Halman hidden behind Bobby

Louis Lester -  Harvey Halman - Hollis Johnson
discussing Callaway Beacons

Carlene Mills   -   Peggy Birdsong

Wayne Bartley - Beverly Bartley - Dusty Mills

Bobby Birdsong   -    Jolly Laster Spates

Leland Horton  - Hollis Johnson  - T. J. Stewart

Dusty Mills           Mary Ellen Grant Ayers
Johnny Fincher (behind)