Barber Shop Photos

I received the following photos from Mable Horne Shortt (class of 1958) of the Sanitary Barber Shop at 112 Main Street.  I used this barber shop from the time I was a small boy as the Whatley brothers that worked there were friends of my daddy from their childhood days at Antioch, Ga.  Mr. Horne (father of Mable and Watson class of 1955) began working there about 1947 I believe and I remember him well also.  My daddy probably stopped by that shop every morning before going to his work, first at the bakery and later with Newsome Candy Company and then LaGrange Candy Company.  He would stop by and hear the latest rumors around town from the day before and talk about fishing on the river.  My daddy had been in for a haircut the morning that he died from a massive heart attack.

Not sure of the date but I would guess in the 30's

Barbers: Left to Right  Claude Whatley , Howell Smith , John Will Still (I don't remember him)

Customers: R Strong, Bill Thompson, Unknown,  Man standing Hal Hardy  Troup prison warden

1954 This looks more like I remember

Barbers Back to Front

William Howell Smith, Jeff Herman Horne, Sam Whatley, Claude Whatley

Customers: Lon Hart (hidden), John Hill, Askew Davis, Attorney Render Terrell