Hanson's Drive In

LaGrange, GA

September 1947 to February 1962

I created this page not as an insider with special knowledge or a relative of the Hanson family but as a remembrance of the place that I remember as our teenage hangout, restaurant and a place to socialize or meet new friends. It was also the place to cruise and sound off that gutted muffler or scratch off in the gravel. The juke box was loud and although you might see a single boy and girl in a car, it was more common to see a car load of boys looking for a car load of girls. The car hops were a lot of fun and the food was great. My favorite was the Steak Sandwich when I had the money but even better was to go inside and enjoy one of those famous Blue Ribbon Steaks.

Inside Hanson's you would find Mrs. Sarah Hanson minding the store and Mr. J.W. roaming the grounds trying to keep a little order. Inside there were some private rooms for families and groups that were also convenient for a gang of us to "cut up" a little without disturbing the family groups. I also remember the pin ball machines inside that I lost a few nickels in over those years.

I have posted some pictures and comments donated by others on this page and I have included a Guest Book that you can post your comments and remembrances about Hanson's.

There is no guarantee of the accuracy of the information on this page as this is based on personal remembrances and is posted for fun and entertainment. The pictures that I found were in electronic public domain and I do not know the artists or intend to violate copyrights.

Bobby      LHS Class of 56

Hanson's Guest Book

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Sarah and J.W. Hanson                                                             Phyllis  Hanson  (niece)

J.W. Hanson                                                                           Bobby Moore  (carhop)

The pictures above were provided by Joy Shepherd Ward

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April 14, 2009