LHS Students

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These pictures provided by Gloria Phipps Breitenbach
sister of Omar Gene Phipps

This was taken at Southwest Elementary School.  Miss Berta (Mrs. Weathersbee) was our beloved principal. If you want to post it, I have been able to recognize classmates from: 
1.  first 'full' lower row AND second row - 1st Grade; future LHS Class of 1962;
2.  third row (from the teacher and to the left; continuing to the back upper left corner of the picture was 2nd Grade; future LHS Class of 1961.
3. All other students to the right of the teacher (and aisle) to the upper back and right corner of the picture were 3rd Graders (and above) - future LHS Classes of 1960 and earlier.

Southwest classes (in the old school) were from Grades 1 through 7.  Our new (existing) school was built, and my LHS Class of 1961 were 5th Graders in the 'new' school.  I was fortunate to attend Southwest through 7th Grade, while our class was split, and the other half attended Hill Street Junior High for 7th (and were joined by ALL elementary schools for our 8th grades).

By the way, I, Gloria Carole Phipps (Breitenbach), am on the 3rd row from bottom to back; two to the left of the teacher; brown hair with my mouth wide-opened wearing my Brownie uniform.  This audience was enjoying 'something' on the stage in the auditorium of the old Southwest Elementary School.  Miss Harmon, who I don't remember, was not my 2nd grade teacher; Mrs. Humphrey was.

Gloria Phipps (d/o/b 1943 - LHS Class of 1961) and Omar Gene Phipps (d/o/b 1937; d/o/d 1983); both attended Southwest Elementary School and Trinity Methodist Church.