LHS Students

I found these pictures in my old files.   I believe that Lee West sent me the pictures a couple of years ago.
I have purposely not identified anyone but I recognize a lot of my 56 and 57 classmates and others.
If you want to ID anyone or yourself then feel free to send me an email or better post on the message board.

I have added some names sent to me by  Joel White from Callaway Beacon.

Front Row Left to Right
Jeff Costley, Tony Amason, Glynn Ray, Wes Smith (coach)
Back Row L-R
Joel White, Mike Frosolono, Freddy Hedrick, Tony Valeri, Bobby Cameron, and Joseph Freeman


Front Row Left to Right   Terry Jackson, George Wallace, and Paul Maddox.
Back Row Left to Right    Morris Shelnut, Gary Whitlock, Barry Collins, David (Acey) Calhoun

Charles Finley ?                       James Howard

Front   Yvonne Robinson, Billie Clyde Smith,  Ester White  -?-  Shirley Pike, Dolly Woodruff
2nd       Mary Ellen Burson, Sara Ann Pitts, Carol Deloach, Patsy Grant, Vivian Deloach
3rd        Jane Ann Ayres,     ?-     Hilda Maddox.
4th        Ann Keeble, (Bobby Gene Harris's sister) ?-?-Marjorie Welborn

Opening Day of Callaway Pool  June 1948             

Old Callaway Baseball Team
back row:
-?- James Geter,-?- Ayers Ward. Calvin Studdard,-?-Harold Hall, Bayward McManus, Lloyd Duke.
Raymond Mitchell, Ralph Cameron, Bobby Gene Harris, Jerrold Underwood, and Danny Shearer


Picture is a May day program in the 40's  at The Trouper's Ballpark.