Pictures From Home

Pictures on this page are provided by our LHS Friends

Please submit your pictures of people and places from LaGrange

of the 50's and 40's or even the 60's

Double - Cola    Plant

This picture was probably made in recent years as it looks closed

Submitted by  John Long  LHS '62

Granger Belt Buckle
Submitted by Hump Woodham

Bobby's brother "Bubber"

Look to the right that is one of Daddy's candy trucks.  I believe this was a 1938 Chevrolet truck.  The ad on the door is for BC headache powders and the ad on the rear is for Standback.   Note the road in front of house was dirt at this time.  I think this was about 1947.

My brother's sixth birthday party..  I never did have a birthday party that I remember

July 1,2007