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Bobby's Ramblins

Hi everyone, we had our first winter snow of the year in Georgia.   We got about 2 inches of snow at my house.  It snowed here on Friday night and early Saturday morning.  So far we have not had any weather related problems.   I hope this is not a sign of what’s coming.   We did not make any snow cream.   I remember Mama always made snow ice cream for us when we had snow in LaGrange.   I remember a few snow days when I was in school, but I think that most of the snow days were on the weekend and I did not miss any school.   The schools around here close down before the first snow flake hits the ground.   That is enough about the snow!

My question last week was:   How many furniture stores do you remember in LaGrange?  Mable answered with Rhodes Perdue, Skinners, Parkers and Boyette.   She also mentioned the possibility of a store at Lee’s Crossing.   Benny also mentioned Skinners and King Furniture at Three Points.   I would like to add Hinson’s Furniture that was located in the old Troup County jail building and King also had a store at Hillside. Marshall Evans had a furniture store on the Hamilton Road.  Hunter Owen Funeral Home also had a furniture store on Court Square next to LaGrange Bank.   That was the store that Mama bought the linoleum rug for the kitchen.   Mama knew Mr. Sig Owen because her sister Annie was married to Mr. Sig’s brother Albert.   I can’t recall a furniture store at Lee’s Crossing but there could be one.  There are probably other stores that I have forgotten.   My brother worked for both Rhodes Perdue and Skinner’s.  Anybody else remember a furniture store we left off the list?

I was reading a website the other day that had some old sayings that we don’t often hear anymore.  One that caught my eye was “conniption fit”.  I don’t often hear people today saying someone will have a conniption fit.    Another one is “hissy fit”.  I used to hear that one of my teachers was going to have a hissy fit if I did not have my homework ready again.   I guess I caused a lot of teachers to have conniption and hissy fits when I was in school.    I never did know the difference in conniption and hissy fits.  There are a lot of old sayings or idioms that I don’t hear today.   That would be a good question to list some of the old sayings we heard as a child and we don’t hear today.

One of my ham radio friends called me last Friday and said that he was talking to a ham radio operator in Mississippi that was originally from LaGrange, Georgia and they thought I might want to talk to him.   I got on my radio and talked to the ham in Mississippi and found out that indeed he was from LaGrange.   He told me his name was George Cook and he graduated with the class of 1960 from LHS.  I did not know him but he mentioned that he lived near Jesse Smith in my class.    I wonder if anyone remembers George Cook in the 1960 class.

I had noticed that Charles Hays had not answered my questions or posted on the Message Board recently and I sent him an email to see if he was sick or had computer problems.   It took a few days before Charles responded that he had a stroke and was now in rehab.   I talked to Charles and he seems to be coming along fine and hopes to be back on the computer soon.  Let’s all keep Charles in our thoughts and prayers and look forward to seeing him post on the Message Board again real soon.

Can you believe that it is only two weeks before Christmas?   Then before you know it we will be in the year 2018.   Time really does fly.   We don’t have any big plans for Christmas.   We will be spending Christmas Day with friends again this year.  We had an early Christmas with Peggy’s relatives in November.  My niece from Washington State stopped by here in November also.  I don’t have any close relatives other than my two nieces and a nephew that are living today.   That is quite a change from the big family Christmas gatherings we had in LaGrange when I was a kid.   Mama had 10 siblings and Daddy had 6.  I can’t keep count of the first cousins that I had but it was close to 20.  There are only 4 including me of those first cousins still living today.   I am the youngest of the clan.   I was always the baby.  I always hated being called the baby but it is not so bad today.

That is about it for the week.  My ramblins have been short as usual.  Christmas shopping has really changed since I was admiring the cap guns in Kress or wishing I had the metal toy fire truck in McClellan’s.  Now I am browsing Amazon.Com instead of flipping the pages of the Sears and Roebuck Catalog.  I really do not have anything on my Christmas list today since we usually buy what we need all year long.  Probably the best present I could get would be someone to clean up and throw out some of the junk I have accumulated over the years.   I do not have a good track record of throwing out perfectly good items that I just don’t use anymore.  Maybe next year!

It was furniture stores last week, but it is drug stores this week.   My question is:  How many drug stores do you remember in LaGrange?  Don’t forget Three Points and Hillside.   Have a nice week…








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