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Bobby's Ramblins

Hi everyone, my ramblins will be short again this week.  I have a sore finger.   This past Monday I somehow injured the small finger on my right hand while connecting an air hose to my air compressor.   I had noticed that my lawn tractor and a bicycle in the basement needed air added to the tires.   I was having problems connecting the air hose when I had a sharp pain in the small finger of my right hand.   I still don’t know exactly what happened but the tip of my finger was pointed down and I could not move it.   I had finished adding air when I noticed that my little finger was limp as a wash rag.

I showed Peggy my broken finger before making a makeshift splint out of two plastic spoons and a roll of tape.   The next day I happened to show my finger to my chiropractor and he recommended that I contact a hand surgeon.  I called a local hand surgeon and got an appointment for the next day.    I ended up seeing the hand surgeon’s Physician Assistant which was fine because she x-rayed my finger and told me that the tendon had been torn and that I will have to wear a splint for up to 8 weeks.

She told me that I have what is called “Mallet Finger” or “Baseball Finger” and I had not been playing baseball.   The only good news I got was that I did not need surgery.  I now have an assortment of splints.  I have a splint for showering, one for working and one for sleeping.   I kept my makeshift plastic spoon handle splint just for fun.   I remember seeing boys with broken fingers using a splint that looked like a couple of “Popsicle” sticks taped on the finger.   I could not find any Popsicle sticks in the house at the time.   I still think my plastic spoon handles are innovative.

My question last week was:  Why was there so much military activity at Warm Springs during the war?   Charles Hays had the correct answer with President Roosevelt spending time at the “Little White House” at Warm Springs.   President Roosevelt often visited Warm Springs to take advantage of the warm water to treat his polio.   FDR often passed through LaGrange on the way to or from Warm Springs.   Daniel Lumber Company from LaGrange built the Little White House.   I remember Daddy often talked about seeing FDR in Warm Springs.  

As I said I am cutting my ramblins short again this week.  I was talking with a neighbor about the shortage of sea food restaurants and distributors in the Atlanta area today.   I remember a seafood market and also restaurant that was at the same location in LaGrange at one time.   My question is:  where was this shop located and who was the owner?    Have a nice week!







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