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Bobby's Ramblins

Hi everyone, I am sorry that I missed writing my ramblins last week but Peggy’s sister and her grandson Scott were visiting with us.   I always enjoy having Scott because he helps me with work in the yard and around the house.   He works on the farm in Ohio and also has a job with a seed company.   Scott was able to have his cousin check on his cows while he was out of town and it was too wet in the fields for harvesting the crops.    Scott’s farther and his two uncles farm over 2000 acres of farm land.   Their primary crops are soy beans that they refer to as just “beans”, field corn and popcorn.   They also have some fields of winter wheat.   I rode with his Uncle Mark in the combine one year with my video camera when he was combining a wheat field.   The cab of that combine had about as many instruments as the cockpit of an airplane.  Anyway Scott helped me with the wood chipper and mowed the lawn while he was here. I bet there are not many old folks that have a grandnephew on the in laws side of the family that will help them do some of the dirty jobs around the house.  Peggy always enjoys shopping with her sister Nancy and we had a good week.

My last question was:  How many of you remember the words to our school song at LHS and who remembers the tune?  I was surprised again that no one remembered our old school song that we sang at school and the band played at all the ball games.   Benny remembered one of the takeoff tunes but this is the official school song that I remember:

LHS of all the schools, the best

We love you, dear old LHS

So fair and true in all that you do,

Under your colors, the old white and blue;

You’re as true as the blue of the heavens,

You’re as pure as the white of the pearl,

So glory, glory to old LHS

You’re the best school in the world.

I can still sing it but I am not sure about the tune.   I don’t think it was a copy or takeoff of one of the college songs.   Several years ago the music director of LHS attended one of the 50’s luncheons to see if anyone knew the tune of our old school song and all we could do was sing it to him.  I can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

Not only has the old school song been lost or dropped but there have been many changes at all the schools since we were students.  The smart phone and texting has certainly replaced the notes that were passed in school.   What has replaced the “smoking tree” that was not only a place to smoke but a place to hear a lot of bragging and storytelling.  Do the kids have a “weed” smoking tree today?   What happened to the teenage clubs?  What happened to the old maid school teachers that were dedicated to their students?  Is chewing gum in school still a major violation?   Is there such a thing as “staying in” in school today?   I spent many days staying after school because I got caught talking or I did not have my homework done.  I guess staying in would be considered cruel and unusual punishment today.   Yes, there have been many changes.

I can tell that it has been 61 years since I was in high school.  I feel it in my bones.   Time has a way of doing that.    It seems like I drop something more often than in the past.  What I hate is the bending over or squatting to pick up what I dropped.   That is when every bone in my body talks to me and the message is not good.    It is called aches and pains.   I probably don’t drop stuff anymore than I did 20 years ago but the pain makes me more couscous of the event.  I used to do knee bends several times a day and now once is too often.    I will have been retired from my work for 25 years the first of November.   That does not mean that I have had nothing to do for those 25 years.   I have been living in my present house for 40 years this coming March.  My how time flies? 

I see in my junk email account that someone in Africa wants to wire me two million dollars.  I decided that I did not have enough Prince Albert cans to store two million dollars and I turned him down. These scammers never give up.   It is just not the scammers but we have hackers that have captured our personal data from companies like Equifax.    I guess that is just a sign of the times.   I wonder if 2 million dollars would fit in a cigar box.  He probably would send me 2 one million dollar bills or a check.

That is about it.  I am still not in the groove of things.   I have an easy question this week.   What car had the model or nickname of the Hornet?    Enjoy the week!








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